Students from six schools in St. Malo France came together to participate in a clay animation workshop led by Huguette Chesnais. The participating schools were Ecole La Gentillerie, Ecole Sainte Thérese, Ecole Amelie Fristel, College Sacré Coeur, Ecole Saint Michel, and Ecole de Saint Ideuc. The students had the responsibility of developing clay characters and filming these clay characters frame by frame on a blue background where they added a background as they pleased. Click on the links below to view Claymation videos that the French students have created. We also invite you to view the website at


Ecole La Gentillerie

Sacré Coeur
Ecole Saint Michel Ecole Sainte Thérese
Week Three
Week Two


Click Here for all videos together including Ecole Amelie Fristel and Ecole de Saint Ideuc.


"It was terrific at the Cybermalouines. We made the models from dough and made a movie of it afterwards."

"I have found this to be a very enriching day. What I learned today could help me if I wanted to construct a site on the Web."

"Thanks to Mrs. Ribault, it was a very interesting project. I am amazed by what one one can do with a computer."

"It was all very interesting. I was of one of the groups working on the computer. Personally, I had so much fun that I intend on bringing my friends and family. The people with whom I worked were also very nice."

"I, myself, made a clay snake which barely made it to the end of the day."

"It took preparations for 42 different shots for 4 seconds of actual footage (approximately 12 movements per second)."

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