Olivier Vanaschen

La Calamine, Belgium
Olivier's Website

sigKIDS Art and Animation Show:

Slides or image files are submitted:
5 image files all in JPEG format

Animations are submitted:
1 animation in AVI format (Intel Indeo 5 Codec included)

Special hardware/software requirements for playback, if any:
Intel Indeo 5 AVI Codec (I will include it on the CD)

When, where, and how the artwork(s) or animation(s) were created:
I've created this animation last summer for a contest at Imagina 2000 Paris. The other pictures were created during my free time because I'm not in an art school. The programs I've used are mainly 3D Studio MAX and Photoshop. Everything has been created by me: 3D objects, textures,... Some pictures are photographs modified with Photoshop.

Names, ages, and school affiliations of the artists or animators:
Olivier Vanaschen, 17 years old, ACF La Calamine Belgium (not an art school at all)