Northwest High School

Karen Kresge, Teacher
Germantown, MD

Software used in creating submission:
Painter 5.0 on Pc's with Wacom tablets

Time each project (stills, animations) took to produce the final outcomes:
The whole creative process (introduction to Siggraph's Call for Entries, researching creation tales in text in the media center and on-line, completing a plan sheet, creating a preliminary sketch or storyboard, completing an illustration or animation, and presenting them) took about 9 45-minute class periods for illustrators and about 20 class periods for animators.

Are your courses full year, semester long, or mini-courses?
Both the still computer graphics course and the motion computer graphics course are semester courses, A is the first semester and B is the second semester, so students can study each for a year.

All of the art work submitted was created in my "Still Computer Graphics" and "Motion Computer Graphics" courses for students, grades 9-12,in a unit utilizing the creation process around the "Creation Tales" mentioned in SigKids.