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SIGGRAPH 2000 Brings 25,986 to the Crescent City for the 27th Annual Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques
SIGGRAPH 2000 Announces: Best of Show & Jury Honors Award for the Computer Animation Festival
Several SIGGRAPH 2000 Papers Present Advances in Real-Time Graphics to Achieve Both Fast Graphics and Fast Computing
The Studio Showcases 2D and 3D High-End Output Technologies
DeFanti and Giloth Receive ACM SIGGRAPH Outstanding Service Award
David Salesin to Receive ACM SIGGRAPH 2000 Computer Graphics Achievement Award
Announcing SIGGRAPH 2000 Emerging Technologies: Point of Departure
SIGGRAPH 2000 Announces Special Sessions Lineup for World's Premier Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques
Frederick P. Brooks, Jr. to Deliver Turing Award Lecture at SIGGRAPH 2000
Ray Kurzweil, Inventor and Author, to Keynote SIGGRAPH 2000
Announcing: SIGGRAPH 2000 Conference & Exhibition Premiere Computer Graphics & Interactive Technology Event

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