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23-28 July 2000
25-27 July 2000
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
New Orleans, Louisiana USA
SIGGRAPH 2000 Conference Chair
Jackie White, California State University, Los Angeles
Anticipated Total Attendance: 25,000
Anticipated International Attendance: 6,800 from 75 countries
Anticipated Exhibitors: 325
SIGGRAPH 2000 Technical Program
Papers, Panels, Courses, Sketches & Applications, Educators Program, Creative Applications Lab
SIGGRAPH 2000 Conference Programs/Activities
Art Gallery, Community Outreach, Computer Animation Festival, Emerging Technologies: Point of Departure, Exhibition, Exhibitor Forums, Keynote Address/Awards, Pathfinders 2000, SIGGRAPH TV/Online, sigKIDS, Special Sessions, The Studio, Turing Award Lecture
For media information, contact:
SIGGRAPH 2000 Media Relations
Sheila Hoffmeyer
Smith, Bucklin & Associates, Inc.
401 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA
+1.312.245.1083 fax

To purchase exhibition space, contact:
SIGGRAPH 2000 Exhibition Management
Hall-Erickson, Inc.
98 East Naperville Road
Westmont, Illinois 60559 USA
+1.630.434.1216 fax

For information about registration, contact:
SIGGRAPH 2000 Conference Management
Smith, Bucklin & Associates, Inc.
401 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA
+1.312.321.6876 fax

SIGGRAPH 2000 Programs and Activities
Art Gallery
The best digital work being created, produced, and performed at the beginning of the millennium by artists who think, feel, and view everyday experiences through new eyes, beyond ordinary bandwidth. Inspiring, provocative, engaging explorations of the interplay between bodies and technologies.
Community Outreach
Links between members of the international computer graphics industry and high school students, educators, musicians, and artists in New Orleans.
Computer Animation Festival
A rigorously juried compilation of the year's best computer-generated works, both in-progress and completed, in several categories: entertainment, visualization, education, art, non-narrative and experimental works, and student-produced works. of the TV commercial of the future.
Learn the what, why, and how of computer graphics and interactive techniques in the annual educational program that explains current practice and explores new paradigms. Courses are offered in three formats: full-day and half-day courses, and two-hour tutorials.
Creative Applications Lab
Hands-on, up-close interaction with the people and techniques presented in Courses, Sketches & Applications, and Educators Program. Apply your new knowledge and skills, share insights and interests with other attendees, and talk with speakers and presenters in informal breakout sessions.
Educators Program
The latest uses of computer graphics and interactive techniques in an educational context. Papers, panels, and tutorials deliver knowledge, desire, inspiration, and tools. Educators actively explore, discover, and learn about pedagogically sound courses and techniques that create rich, interdisciplinary scenarios for learning.
Emerging Technologies: Point of Departure
A Point of Departure into the technology of the new millennium. Visionary, creative, and provocative installations and experiences that illuminate the path to a new era in technology. The future in human-computer interfaces, display technologies, workgroup computing, multi-user applications, smart environments, information visualization, and robotics.
Explore and experience the latest computer graphics and interactive techniques hardware, software, and services. More than 300 exhibitors from five continents present high-tech, hands-on displays and demos.
Exhibitor Forums
Seminars, organized by SIGGRAPH 2000 exhibitors, on new features of their latest products. These instructional sessions on advanced techniques and reviews of where and how technology is evolving are presented in a classroom format on the exhibit floor.
Keynote Address/Awards
Ray Kurzweil, author of "The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence" and recipient of a 1999 National Medal of Technology, delivers the SIGGRAPH 2000 keynote address entitled "The Human-Machine Merger: Why We Will Spend Most of our Time in Virtual Reality in the 21st Century." Kurzweil has worked at the leading edge of artificial intelligence for more than 30 years, with firsts in speech and character recognition, optical scanning systems, music and speech synthesis, and automated investment decisions. Immediately before the keynote, SIGGRAPH will present the 2000 Computer Graphics Achievement Award and the SIGGRAPH Outstanding Service Award.
Hear the experts discuss, debate, and reveal how computer graphics and interactive techniques are applied in communication, production, aesthetic exploration, and advance visualization.
Academic and corporate research results from the world's leading computer graphics scientists and engineers. Papers are selected by an international jury of the community's most respected researchers for presentation in three categories: research, system, and alternate.
Pathfinders 2000
Mentors and guidance for newcomers to the SIGGRAPH conference.
Live 20-minute, twice-daily reports from the SIGGRAPH TV studio. Interviews, reviews of activities and events, technology updates, and the latest conference buzz distributed to viewing lounges throughout the convention center.
Visual and intellectual adventures by and for children around the world.
Sketches & Applications
Sketches: works in progress, tentative breakthroughs, and new process paradigms. Applications: how new and traditional tools are used to produce practical, proven results. Three days of multimedia presentations in three categories: technical; art, design, and multimedia; and animation.
Special Sessions
Art & Culture Papers
Fiction 2001
Industrial Light + Magic: The Making of "The Perfect Storm"
Phil Tippettıs History of Animation
Web3D RoundUP
The Studio
Use today's advanced technologies to imagine and produce your own 2D and 3D creations. The Studio features a full array of high-end, large-format printers, 3D rapid prototyping machines, and 3D scanners.
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