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Exhibition Fact Sheet
The international computer graphics industry displays its hardware, software, and services at SIGGRAPH 2000. All the systems and synergies that empower graphic and interactive breakthroughs. All the companies that invent, produce and distribute them. All the new ventures that are developing tomorrow's technologies.
The SIGGRAPH 2000 Exhibition provides an opportunity to get hands-on with the newest hardware systems, software tools, and creative services from more than 300 companies in 140,000 net square feet of exhibit space. Many new products are announced and put on display for the first time at the annual SIGGRAPH exhibition.
Startup Park is exclusively reserved for small, first-time exhibitors who are introducing their technologies to the SIGGRAPH audience. Many of the companies that dominate the computer graphics industry didn't even exist 10 years ago. Startup Park presents the products and services that could dominate the SIGGRAPH 2004 Exhibition.
For More Information on Puchasing SIGGRAPH 2000 Exhibition Space, Contact:
Hall-Erickson, Inc.
98 East Naperville Road
Westmont, Illinois 60559 USA
+1.630.434.1216 fax
Exhibition Highlights
The exhibition showcases an array of products and services:
3D Modeling
3D Rapid Prototyping
Artificial Intelligence
Business and Financial Graphics
Cameras and Scanners; Scan Converters
Computer-Video Interfacing
Desktop Publishing
Digital Cameras
Digital Imaging
Electronic Publishing
Encoders/ Decoders
Gaming Support Tools
Geographic Information Systems
Graphic Art Systems
Graphic Design Systems
Graphics Accelerator Boards
Graphics Standards Software
Haptic Input Devices
Hardcopy Devices: Photographs/Slides
High-Performance Graphics Processors
High-Resolution Technologies
Image-Based Modeling
High-Performance Graphics Processors
High-Resolution Technologies
Image-Based Modeling
Information Visualization
Input Devices: Digitizers, Light Pens, Mice
Low-Cost Graphics Systems
Mapping and Cartography
Medical Imaging Software
Mobile Computing
Motion Capture
Multimedia/ Hypermedia
Networking: Hardware, Software, Services
OEM Components
Paint Systems
PC Add-On Products
PC-Based Systems
PDAs (Personal Digital Applications)
Printers and Plotters
Scientific Visualizaiton Software
Storage Devices: Tape/Disk
Terminals, Monitors, and Displays
User Interface Tools & Techniques
Virtual Reality
Visual Effects Software
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