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Educators Program Fact Sheet
The SIGGRAPH 2000 Educators Program offers unique and innovative techniques for teaching and for using computer graphics to facilitate learning.
"Through collaboration and cooperation, pedagogically sound presentations have been envisioned and developed to provide attendees with rich, interdisciplinary scenarios for learning," said Val Miller, Georgia State University and SIGGRAPH 2000 Educators Program Chair. "These visionary presentations include 11 papers, five panels, and two tutorials."
The Educators Program includes content for college-level faculty, department chairs, administrators, instructional technology, and media professionals as well as K-12 educators, administrators, and technology personnel.
Educators Program Highlights
Achieving Balance: The Challenges of Developing Web-Based Courseware
Deborah Gray, Jim Begley, and Deanna Scinta
SAS inSchool
This panel explores the curricular, technical, and interactive design challenges in developing Web-based courseware for secondary education.
Community Outreach Program: CyberInstitute Technology Magnet School @ Riverside High School
Diego Morales and Dennis Crawley
CyberInstitute@Riverside High School
A chronology of establishing a digital, media-based magnet school program in an at-risk high school to prepare students for higher education and the computer graphics arena.
Enhancing Teaching and Learning With Animation
Mary Ellen Coleman, Charles Gange, and Carol Bahruth
IBM Corporation
This tutorial teaches a process for working through an entire animation project. It includes concepts for scientific, humanities, or technology courses.
A Multidisciplinary Approach to Masters Education in Digital Research
Paul Anderson
Glasgow School of Art
In responses to rapid advances in leading edge digital technologies, the Digital Design Studio was developed. This higher education program encompasses three distinct constituents: education, research, and training.
Painting Together Across the World: Collaborative Net Painting Between High School Students & a Professional Artist
Jeremy Suttons
This paper reviews the successes and challenges of a professional artist and junior- and senior-high school students as they take part in a collaborative painting project using the Internet.
QuickWorlds: Teacher-Driven VR Worlds in an Elementary School Curriculum
Andrew Johnson
University of Illinois at Chicago
The QuickWorlds program, a collaboration between university researchers and elementary school teachers, provides elementary school instructors with virtual reality models that enhance the K-6 curriculum.
Community Outreach Program: techArts: Urban Girls Get a Handle on Computer Graphics
Mary Flanagan
University of Buffalo
techArts is a community action project to encourage adolescent girls from Buffalo, New York, to learn about and use computers and computer graphics through the arts.
Using 3D Animation in Teaching Introductory Electromagnetism
John Belcher and R. Mark Bessette
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
This paper presents various ways of using both 2D and 3D animation to study introductory electromagnetism.
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