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3102 V*Star Inc.
V*Star's 1KTV web technology delivers instant on-demand television-style programming for the Internet and wireless devices at 1K baud (1/28th of a standard connection). 1KTV production tools enable quick and economical creation of instant-loading Internet television shows in as little as one hour of production time per show minute.
549 Vancouver Film School
Vancouver Film School offers intense, immersion production-based training in filmmaking, new media, 3D animation and digital effects, classical animation, Maya, acting, writing, and make-up for film & TV.
349 Vicon Motion Systems
For over 15 years, Vicon has been providing professionals with the latest tools to accurately capture the subtleties of motion. Vicon 8 is the production-proven motion capture system used in top feature films, television productions, and game titles.
2321 Video Systems Magazine
Video Systems takes a hands-on approach to editorial coverage, focusing on the tasks and objectives that readers face. It serves decision-makers in business, industry, independent production, facilities, and independent producers.
379 Videography
Videography serves professionals who create video content for profit - from Hollywood effects houses to entrepreneurial digital video studios; including shooters, editors, graphics designers, audio mixers, producers, etc.
3013 Viewgraphics Incorporated
Viewgraphics' open-system hardware and software products combine best-of-breed PC-based servers with state-of-the-art VideoPump HDTV and D1 serial digital video I/O adapters and software applications.
635 Viewpoint Visualization
Viewpoint Digital, a Computer Associates Company, is the leading supplier of 3D and visual solutions for entertainment, e-business, data visualization, and training and simulation.
322 Virtock Technologies, Inc.
Virtock Technologies, Inc. presents 5pazz3D, a 3D animation authoring tool for the Web. 5pazz3D is the only low-cost, full-function 3D authoring tool.
132 Virtual 3D Incorporated
1079 Virtual Research Systems, Inc.
Virtual Research develops and manufactures various immersive display interfaces including the V6 and V8 head-mounted displays and our latest hand-held solution: WindowVR.
467 Virtual Technologies, Inc.
Virtual Technologies, Inc. is the recognized leader in state-of-the-art whole-hand sensing, force-feedback, and real-time 3D-interaction technologies that allow the user to "reach in" and physically interact with simulated computer content.
683 Visual Infinity, Inc.
2511 Vivid Group, Inc.
GX VR Systems put players; live images into games where they can interact with natural hand and body movements to control their experiences.
2448 Vividata, Inc.
Vividata, Inc., founded in 1988, provides contract engineering and design services to imaging and graphics product developers and manufacturers. It is the only company that provides a complete suite of fully integrated enterprise software solutions for printing (PostShop), scanning (ScanShop), and optical character recognition (OCR). Shop).
3108 VRex, Inc.
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