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3106 T.S. MicroTech Inc.
T.S. Microtech Inc. offers a real-time portable Web streaming and Web casting editing studio system, which is also great for 3D modeling like 3D MAX, Maya, and AutoCAD.
677 Tactex Controls Inc.
Introducing the MTC Express, the first multi-touch pressure-sensitive touch pad. Our fibre-optic "smart fabric" technology enables gesture-based computer input products.
343 TAN Projections Technology GmbH & Co. KG
Leadership in high-end immersive graphic projection display systems, including the newly developed POSA system, a psuedo raster calagraphic display system for CRTs and DLPs.
673 Tango/UBC
Tango is a graspable whole-hand computer interface. When grasped, Tango instantly measures finger position, grasp pressure, and 3D motion.
2437 TCT international
TCTi supplies 3D acquisition products that instantaneously and accurately capture the human form. TCTi also offers high-quality bespoke systems and applications development services.
1537 Texas Memory Systems, Inc.
The SAM-500 SSD (SDRAM memory) is a high-bandwidth SAN. It supports 3GBs of bandwidth for 16 simultaneous fibre channel or gigabit Ethernet interfaces (no latency).
479 TGS
TGS is a leading vendor of interactive 3D graphics toolkits and applications for professional developers and content creators on Unix, PC, and Mac systems. TGS provides C++ and Java development toolkits supporting Open Inventor, PHIGS, and VRML. Applications include Amapi and 3Space Publisher.
3040 The3dshop.com
The3dshop.com has been a leader in custom-built 3D/DV workstations since the first generation of OpenGL and DV. Our products include 3Dlabs, Elsa, Matrox, E&S, Leadtek, and Canopus.
729 Toon Boom Technologies, Inc.
In addition to Macromedi Flash format support, USAnimation V5 offers multi-format rendering, new LightTable and LineTest modules, and interactive, real-time, multi-layer 3D scene planning.
1377 Total Training
Total Training provides interactive videotape-based training for professional graphics software applications. Be sure to stop by our booth for the most comprehensive training available!
2429 Toyobo Co., Ltd.
DressingSim is a cloth simulation software for high-end use. DressingSim enables its user to create a very realistic animation of fabrics, clothing, and dressed figures.
1357 Trimedia, Inc.
Developer of 2D animation software RETAS! Pro, the first and only anime software that dominates 95% of the Japanese animation market and has the most installed systems worldwide.
3019 Trimension Systems
Trimension Systems is the leading virtual reality systems integrator specializing in large-scale complex VR environments for entertainment, education, manufacturing, oil and gas, etc.
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