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2803 S3/Professional Graphics Division
The new Fire GL2 and Fire GL3 professional graphics accelerators provide professional animators and artists with the latest advancements in accelerating 3D workstation graphics.
237 Savannah College of Art and Design
Savannah College of Art and Design offers BFA, MFA, MA, BArch, and MArch degrees, 18 majors and 11 minors, including electronic and sound design. Computer art tracks include 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, and interactive design/game development.
3207 SBS Technologies, Inc. Connectivity Products
High-bandwidth communications between workstations and/or embedded systems supporting high-volume image and graphic data transfers. Software drivers for Windows, VxWorks, IRIX, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and Linux.
1179 Scientific Placement, Inc.
Scientific Placement is a technical recruiting firm with a focus on commercial software and hardware in the graphics, multimedia, audio, video, and animation industries nationwide.
681 Seeing Machines
Seeing Machines specializes in vision-based human-machine interaction. On display is our real-time 3D, vision-based face and gaze tracking system.
1917 SensAble Technologies
SensAble's FreeForm modeling system uses PHANTOM touch technology to allow sculptors and designers to model on the computer using their sense of touch.
1019 SGI
SGI's value-add computing solutions enable our customers to innovate within the core segments of their businesses, helping them stay one step ahead of the competition.
2303 Sharp Electronics Corporation
Sharp offers a full line of LCD-based projection and display products for use in multimedia and portable applications. New models include our high-resolution Notevision Projectors and LCD monitors.
547 Sheridan College
Sheridan offers programs in animation filmmaking, advanced television and film, bachelor of design degree, interactive multimedia, journalism-new media, and new media design in the new Sheridan Centre for Animation and Emerging Technologies, an enhanced teaching and applied research facility.
1529 Side Effects Software Inc.
Linux, VEX, procedural animation: at SIGGRAPH 2000, Side Effects Software gives you an in-depth look at the innovations of Houdini 4.0 and Proceed, the content-to-code games solution.
2402 Sierra Design Labs
As the worldwide leader in HDTV storage and workstation interface solutions, Sierra demonstrates Revival Digital, a resolution-independent motion picture restoration system, and uncompressed HD and SD storage solutions.
1443 Silicon Grail
Silicon Grail: compositing software solutions that help you do best what you do most modify what you did yesterday (because someone's mind changed ... again).
567 SIMI Reality Motion Systems GmbH
3D motion capture software including export features for common animation packages like SoftImage, Maya, 3D Studio. Allows you to import realistic motion data into your computer animation.
1944 SMPTE
SMPTE is a leading engineering society contributing to all areas of multimedia, computer engineering, film, video, and television disciplines. Known for its standards and breakthrough technical papers, SMPTE serves as an educational forum and network base, advancing theory in digital and multimedia technology.
661 Snell & Wilcox Ltd.
FloMo time-warping plug-ins. FloMo is a tool that delivers sophisticated motion estimation and interpolation algorithms via a natural and easy-to-use graphical user interface.
837 Softimage Co.
Synonymous with artistic and technical innovation and creation of artist-friendly solutions, Softimage is a leading international developer of animation and digital media technology.
539 Solid Modeling Solutions
SMLib is a NURBS-based geometry modeling kernel, released in C++ source code, ideally suited for application developers who need accurate representation of complex 3D objects.
853 Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (SCEI)
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., headquartered in Tokyo, develops and markets PlayStation and PlayStation 2 computer entertainment systems. SCEI demonstrates the latest technology in the innovative content creation environment for the coming broadband network era.
1929 Sony Electronics Inc.
3137 Sony Electronics, Inc.
www.sony.com/imagingontour features digital imaging products from Sony. Attendees can get hands-on demonstrations of the Sony Mavica floppy disk camera, the CyberShot Memory Stick camera, and other Sony digital imaging products.
1829 Sony Pictures Imageworks
Sony Pictures Imageworks is an award-winning, state-of-the-art visual effects and animation company dedicated to the art and artistry of digital production. It is a key component of Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment, which is an operating unit of Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE).
346 Spatial Integrated Systems, Inc.
SIS introduces digital video imaging systems and software tools for 3D modeling, virtual prototyping, and animation. These leading-edge tools are used to create 3D space walkthroughs, facility as-builts, and reverse engineering prototypes.
634 Springer-Verlag New York, Inc.
Browse Springer's broad/deep program of books and journals in computer graphics. See de Berg's Computational Geometry 2e, Piegl's The NURBS Book, 2e, and other key books on computer vision, image processing, graphics, etc. All books 20% off.
2945 Spruce Technologies, Inc.
Spruce Technologies develops and markets DVD authoring software and MPEG encoders for the corporate, new media, and entertainment markets. Spruce combines the best Silicon Valley software expertise with extensive DVD, MPEG, and video post-production knowledge.
427/118 Square USA, Inc.
Square is creating unprecedented full length CG feature films in its Honolulu Studio. Stop by booth #427 for a quick preview.
2523 Steamboat Software, Inc.
Jig is a fast, extensible, general-purpose renderer providing a comprehensive solution for rendering traditional geometry, photorealistic hair, volumes, and particles.
2633 StereoJet
StereoJet is a breakthrough polarized and image technology producing high-quality and full-color digital 3D prints and transparencies from both photographic and digital 3D images, all from an inkjet printer!
2709 Stratasys Inc.
Stratasys manufactures FDM rapid prototyping systems and Genisys 3D printers to create 3D models and prototypes from CAD drawings. FDM systems use a variety of materials, including ABS, which can be subjected to functional testing.
819 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Sun Microsystems, Inc. is a leading provider of high-quality hardware, software, and services for establishing enterprise-wide Intranets. Sun's broad, powerful, and scalable line of graphics hardware and software solutions offers investment protection in real-world environments.
579 Superscape
Superscape e-Visualizer (SeV), an innovative new technology, designed specifically for the Internet, delivers high-quality, fully interactive 3D visualization through a seamless install for e-business.
2940 Synthetik Software
Award-winning Studio Artist. Smart automatic rotoscoping, painting, and drawing software. Create unlimited dynamic paint textures, amazing image processing, morphing, warping, animation, and more.
2619 System Upgrade, Inc.
System Upgrade enhances the throughput of your SGI system with high-performance "open" storage solutions: SSD, RAID, RAID-ready, LVD/160M, fibre channel SAN strategies and tape libraries. You can look to SUI for CPU and memory upgrades or complete SGI systems in addition to "Parts Care" support contracts.
134 Systems in Motion
News: Rational Reducer Pro reduces the number of polygons but keeps the visual quality. Coin: Open-source C++ toolkit for retainment, rendering, and manipulation. Open Inventor compatible.
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