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Booth Company Listing
3048 Paaris Systems
320 Pakistan Software Export Board
253 Panoram Technologies, Inc.
Panoram Technologies, Inc. is the world's premier supplier of advanced visualization solutions, technologies, and facilities that result in powerful collaboration and personal productivity computing environments.
2821 Paraform, Inc.
Paraform software allows 3D graphics professionals to extract shape and surface-texture information from virtually any source of 3D data, including point clouds, polygons, and NURBS.
2841 Parallax Inc.
750 ParallelGraphics
Web 3D authoring tools including CAD Optimizer, Object Builder, Scene Assembler, and Multi-user Client Server. Check out Cortona, the smallest (<5OOK) and fastest VRML browser.
355 PDI/DreamWorks
PDI/DreamWorks is an award-winning producer of high-end animation and visual effects for the entertainment and advertising industries.
2622 Peachpit Press
Peachpit Press publishes high-quality how-to books on graphics, multimedia, Web design, and desktop publishing. Peachpit also distributes the Adobe Press and Macromedia Press imprints.
2602 Pepper's Ghost Productions Ltd
Pepper's Ghost Productions is the developer of PG Studio, the production-management tool, and originates 3D animated series for broadcast TV and online.
2835 Phoenix Technologies Incorporated
Visualeyez is the world's fastest active, optical 3D real-time motion capture system. With 2,400 real-time coordinates/second and 90o sensing angle, Visualeyez provides solutions for complex mocap, gait analysis, robotics control, reverse engineering, VR, and more.
646 Photron USA
Primatte is a high-end chromakey plug-in available for most compositing products. Mamoe is a precise "match move" camera-tracking application for SGI and Windows.
3005 Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
1247 Pixar Animation Studios
Pixar demonstrates the latest advancements to RenderMan Artist Tools, Pixar's suite of applications designed to bring the full power of RenderMan's award-winning rendering technology to any CGI production facility. Information on products and career opportunities is available at Pixar's booth.
2503 Pixels Animation Studios
1453 Pixologic, Inc.
Pixologic: Advanced paint software that provides a unique synthesis of 2D and 3D capabilities in a single stand-alone tool.
Play Incorporated
Play launches Electric Image: Universe, the next generation of its powerful 3D modeling and animation system for NT, Mac, Sun and SGI, and showcases Trinity, HoloSet, and Amorphium.
753 Polhemus, Inc.
Scanning, tracking, and animating are as easy as 1,2,3D with Polhemus products: STAR*TRAK RF, real-time wireless motion capture systems; FastSCAN handheld laser scanner for real-time 3D image creation; and six-degree-of-freedom tracking with FASTRAK.
2618 Post Magazine (Advanstar Technology Communities)
Fifteen-year-old POST Magazine's monthly coverage straddles three factions of the digital content arena: the industry's top digital talent, their new products, and their high-profile clients.
Publications Bin Producción & Distribución
3219 Professional Graphics World
Professional Graphics World is full of news, features, profiles, and regular coverage of graphic issues, including visualization, networking, storage, and digital media. Professional Graphics World is not specific to one computing environment, but includes coverage of NT, Unix, and Linux.
238 Project:messiah Group
The award winning interactive speed champion among professional 3D animation software. Designed for animators and TD's, it has become the secret weapon of studios worldwide.      
1351 PTC
PTC's CPC solutions help manufacturing companies streamline product development processes. PTC's ICEM styling and surfacing solutions are focused on supporting industrial design and styling needs.
1540 Pulse Entertainment
Pulse, the leading rich-media-technology platform for creating and experiencing interactive, 3D animation Web-wide, enables digital content creation for entertainment, e-commerce, advertising, and education.
660 Purdue University, Department of Computer Graphics
Purdue University's Department of Computer Graphics Technology offers BS and MS degree options in interactive media and computer animation/simulation.
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