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678 MacAcademy/Windows Academy
MacAcademy/Windows Academy produces training videos and CD-ROMs for Macintosh and Windows software. The CD-ROMs and videos are available in the booth or call 800.527.1914.
218 Macromedia, Inc.
Macromedia delivers products and solutions for creating engaging and effective next-generation Web sites. Macromedia products also allow enterprises to strategically manage complex Web applications.
2844 Mainframe Entertainment, Inc.
Mainframe Entertainment produces long-form CGI animation for TV, feature films, and interactive media. We are currently recruiting for our Vancouver studio.
691 ManageData, Inc.
1065 Manex Entertainment
Manex Entertainment created the visual effects for "The Matrix" and "What Dreams May Come," which won back-to-back Academy Awards.
619 Matrox
Matrox offers broadcasters, post facilities, corporate communicators, event videographers, and multimedia artists award-winning digital video solutions for real-time editing, DVD authoring, and Web-streaming applications.
265 Maxon Computer Inc.
Developers of CINEMA 4D, a powerful, fully-integrated 3D modeling, animation, and rendering program for Windows/Macintosh, well known for speed, stability, cross-platform capability, and non-linear modeling.
3229 MaxVision Corporation
Featuring: MaxPac OpenGL Transportable Workstation. The latest 1280 x 1024 17-inch LCD, Dual Pentium III, 2GB of memory. The ideal workstation for animators and video editing on the go.
1843 Measurand Inc.
Measurand's 3D fiber optic curvature sensors, placed on objects (human or inanimate), translate shape and motion into computer images and control signals.
2516 MediaFORM
MediaFORM is the worldwide leader in CD-R duplication and printing solutions. From high-throughput manual systems to sophisticated network production systems, MediaFORM offers the most extensive line of CD-R products anywhere.
3009 MediaPEGS
MediaPEGS 2D animation software, PEGS NT 3.1, creates a link among television and cinema and the Internet with its new integrated Flash converter.
226 Medéa Corporation
Medéa demonstrates its new low-cost VideoRaid SAN-Ready fibre-channel disk arrays. VideoRaid sustains 85 MB/second on Mac OS, Windows NT, and SGI systems.
2840 Mendel3D
Real-time 3D animation for the Internet. Creation of virtual objects that are 10 to 100 times lighter than those generated by existing solutions. Complete plateform.
2315 MENSI, Inc.
Developer of 3D scanner and modeling software for as-built data capture. Software creates models from cloud point data and exports to 3D design packages.
1279 Meta Motion
Meta Motion = Better motion capture tools: Analogus Gypsy, the world's best real-time motion capture system. Kaydara FiLMBOX, FAMOUS facial animation, Data gloves, face trackers.
152 Metastream Corporation
Metastream Corporation is the developer of MTS3, the leading visualization platform for integrating 2D, 3D, and other rich media for product presentation and animation.
2442 Microboards Technology LLC
MicroBoards Technology LLC is an established leader in 120mm optical media technologies, specializing in authoring, duplication, and storage. Check out our complete DVD authoring solutions.
2321 Millimeter Magazine
Millimeter, a monthly magazine serves film, video, and multimedia production professionals in advertising, motion pictures, and television. We furnish readers with information that makes their jobs easier.
2720 Minicomputer Exchange, Inc.
The Sun and SGI specialist. Workstations, systems, parts, peripherals, and upgrades. Sell, buy, rent, repair, and service. Six-month warranty. Call for a quote today!
2703 Minolta Corporation
Minolta Corporation is exhibiting the Minolta 3D1500 and Dimage RD3000 digital cameras, and Vivid 700 3D scanner. We are also introducing two new film scanners: Dimage Scan Multi II and Dimage Scan Dual II.
449 Miranda Technologies Inc.
Miranda Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of digital video and audio interfaces, DTV/HDTV converters, and advanced display products. Our products are a de facto standard in major TV networks, post-production facilities, and A/V facilities around the globe. We are recognized as a forerunner in video digital signal processing (VDSP) and digital television and HDTV technologies.
779 Mississippi State University
Mississippi State University is a land-grant institution offering an MS in applied visualization (School of Architecture) and an MFA in electronic visualization (Department of Art).
2135 Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
Publisher of the finest technical information resources for computer and engineering professionals. We publish books about: computer graphics, human-computer interaction, multimedia information and systems, and artificial intelligence.
2235 MOTEK Motion Technology, Inc.
MOTEK Motion Technology Inc. designs and markets real-time motion capture data solutions and products for the entertainment and commercial technology industries.
435 Motion Analysis Corporation
HiRES motion capture systems: The first real-time optical motion-capture systems from the world's largest manufacturer of systems for film, TV, the Web, and video games. Includes a complete suite of retargeting, editing, and plug-in software.
656 MPB Technologies, Inc.
The Freedom 6S haptic/force feedback device offers true six degrees of freedom, at your fingertips. High fidelity provides the user with a realistic sense of touch linking the virtual world to the real world. Feel the difference high fidelity makes!
219 MUSE Technologies, Inc.
MUSE Technologies offers a full range of software, hardware, and solutions for data visualization, simulation, VR, and networked collaboration.
223 MUV Technologies Ltd., Graphics Arts Division
MUV specializes in 2D and 3D animation, SFX, character modeling, motion capture. Facilities include a complete multimedia unit in India offering high-quality services at very economical prices.
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