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138 i-O Display Systems, LLC
Introducing all-new display devices for stereoscopic 3D Web applications. Let us show you the difference between 3D perspective and stereoscopic 3D!
3231 I.D. Magazine
I.D. Magazine is America's leading design publication, covering products, graphics, environments, interactive media, film, broadcast, and technology. I.D. Magazine provides a unique voice in the field of design.
2843 IdN Magazine
IdN is a digital design magazine published bi-monthly and primarily catering to content creators and aesthetes throughout the world. It is currently available in four editions in two languages, English and Chinese.
1837 IEEE Computer Society
IEEE Computer Society, one of the most prestigious professional associations in the world, serves its members through numerous publications, conferences, and workshops. Membership information, magazines, and books are on display.
3129 Imagination in Motion
A one-stop shop for 3D animation, IIM provides creative talent, production facilities, and revolutionary software for TV, film, advertising, and the Internet.
3121 Immersion Corporation
Immersion's patented technologies, called TouchSense, enable computer peripheral devices to deliver tactile sensations that correspond to on-screen events. Immersion's MicroScribe 3D provides a fast, accurate, and reliable method for creating 3D computer models from physical objects.
2403 Improv Technologies, Inc.
Improv Technologies, Inc. is a New York-based software company dedicated to building next-generation broadband multimedia authoring, development, and distribution technologies.
455 Industrial Light + Magic
Industrial Light + Magic is looking for the best digital artists, software developers, and systems support personnel to contribute their talents to ground-breaking projects.
443 iNOIZ.com, Inc.
iNOIZ.com, is an internet service offering production content used by professionals engaged in production of games, feature films, interactive content, broadcast, advertising, and multimedia productions.
2406 InSpeck inc.
InSpeck inc. is a manufacturer and developer of color optical 3D digitizers and 3D modeling software, specializing in digitizing real objects, particularly living beings, including the full human body.
1059 Intel Corporation
Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading supplier of computer, networking, communications products, and online services. Intel's mission is to be the preeminent building block supplier to the worldwide Internet economy.
1421 Intense3D (now 3Dlabs)
Intense3D has been acquired by 3Dlabs. Visit both 3Dlabs booths to see new-generation Oxygen and Wildcat professional 3D graphics accelerators with incredible performance and functionality - all with 3Dlabs' legendary quality, stability, and optimizations for all key professional applications.
561 International Fine Arts College
International Fine Arts College, founded in 1965, is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of S.A.C.S. to offer MFA, BFA, and AA degrees in eight art disciplines.
335 InterSense, Incorporated
InterSense develops and manufactures precision motion-tracking solutions that enable computers to "see and understand" motion in a 3D world. InterSense’s motion-tracking systems are used in visual simulation and training, video/film production and special effects, virtual prototyping and design, manufacturing assembly and repair, security systems, and 3D gaming.
2307 Intrinsic Graphics, Inc.
Intrinsic Graphics' software platform is a high-performance development and run-time environment for real-time graphics on next-generation game consoles, TV set-top boxes, and PC systems.
3144 INUS Technology, Inc.
Stop by our booth to see the 3D reverse modeler, Rapid Form 2000, an active catalog authoring tool, Altom.
2507 iQROM Communication, Inc.
iQROM supports your creative team with communication solutions: CD-ROM business cards, updateable CDs, or CD-ROM trading cards. Join the iQROM value added reseller team!
158 iXL, Inc.
iXL helps businesses identify how to create a competitive advantage in the new economy and uses its expertise to develop advanced e-business applications and solutions.
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