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671 face2face, inc.
face2face, a new venture spun out of Lucent Technologies Bell Labs, delivers life-like, 3D face animation, creating new opportunities in animated content for TV, film, games, and the Internet.
227 Fakespace Systems, Inc.
Fakespace Systems offers the broadest range of visualization solutions including the CAVE, RAVE (reconfigurable environment), large-scale WorkWalls, ImmersaDesks, and unique, new office-size conCAVE.
2721 FAMOUS Technologies
The latest in facial animation solutions for anyone who uses mocap data, video capture, voice recognition ,and puppetry along with Softimage, Maya, MAX, Lightwave, and Filmbox to create realistic or fantasy animations. Also: the world premier of FAST facial Web-streaming technology.
2347 Florida Center for Electronic Communication
Florida Atlantic University's two-year MFA in Computer Arts: 3D &2D Computer Animation, Digital Video & Audio, Maya Certification, Distance Learning, and award-winning faculty and students.
122 Forefront Graphics Corporation
318 Fujitsu Takamisawa America, Inc.
Fujitsu Takamisawa America, Inc. and ITU Research, Inc. introduce the 3D ErgoPoint, a new kind of 3D input device. It is the first desktop input device that permits multiple finger-gesture manipulation of objects in 3D computer graphics. The device allows direct, intuitive manipulation of 3D objects and improves the user interface to 3D software.
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