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2616 ednet, Inc.
Systems integrator/network service provider for high-quality digitized video, graphics, and audio over wide-area networks. Also provides live Internet broadcast production, hosting, and streaming.
737 ELSA, Inc.
ELSA, Inc. is a leading provider of Internet-access solutions and cutting-edge computer graphics hardware for PC gamers and workstation professionals.
719 Elumens Corporation
The VisionStation is a hemispherical display designed for dimensional visualization of digital content. The system envelops the user, resulting in integration of operator and information.
780 Engineering Animation, Inc.-Sense8 Products
EAI's cross-platform, 3D, real-time application development tools (worldtoolkit, worldup, and world2world) simplify the complex task of creating 3D interactive applications for desktop PCs up to fully immersive Unix projection systems.
120 ESRI
ESRI is the world leader in the geographic information system (GIS) software industry. ESRI software helps you accomplish tasks faster, easier, and more efficiently.
1278 Essential Reality, LLC
Essential Reality, LLC is preparing for the launch of its 3D peripheral device, which will revolutionize the computer and gaming console market.
128 Ex'pression Center for New Media
A private, post-secondary school teaching digital visual media and sound arts in an intensive 14-month immersion program, using the best practioners and equipment in the industry. Graduates assume coveted jobs in media, the arts, and high technology.
1641 Exabyte Corporation
Exabyte Corporation is a leading supplier of tape storage devices and network storage solutions for the data-intensive applications and database server markets.
2847 Eyebeam Atelier
Eyebeam creates programs in the new media arts and is currently planning a 150,000-square-foot new museum of art and technology in New York City.
2903 Eyematic Interfaces Inc.
World leader in non-invasive real-time facial sensing technologies and developer of rich media (MPEG 4-like) content publishing and playback (plug-in-less) technologies for Web and TV.
2815 eyeon Software Inc.
Digital Fusion 3 is eyeon's latest NT nonlinear effects and compositing solution, delivering a sleek, responsive new interface, Free Floating Flows, Paint, Text2000, and much more.
527 Eyetronics
Eyetronics specializes in fast and flexible 3D-acquisition technologies, such as the ShapeSnatcher 3D-Toolkit, a powerful toolkit that turns your camera into a high-quality 3D-acquisition device.
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