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Publications Bin Daily Variety
Daily Variety covers news spanning the full spectrum of the entertainment marketplace, including motion pictures, television, cable, home video, music, stage, and live performances plus new media, and tracks entertainment through all distribution media.
689 Darkling Simulations
Darkling Simulations shows the latest version of their award-winning 3D procedural shader authoring solution, DarkTree Textures. Version 2 will set a new standard in power and ease of use.
2744 Deep Video Imaging Ltd.
Producer of flat-panel monitors that provide actual depth in a compact display without the requirements of steroscopic goggles, lenticular lenses, or head-tracking devices.
2101 Dell Computer Corporation
When it comes to the visionaries who create breathtaking animated motion pictures and 3D gaming titles, Dell Precision Workstations are getting plenty of attention from users of high-priced UNIX systems. We deliver the consistent performance these artists need to keep demanding audiences gasping.
2706 Desktop Engineering Magazine
Desktop Engineering focuses on the latest hardware and software for mechanical and design engineers in the process and manufacturing industries, including CAD, data analysis, EDM/PDM, and data acquisition. Each issue provides extensive product reviews and much more.
2319 Desktop Images
Desktop Images produces high-quality instructional videotapes for software and hardware products, such as NewTek's LightWave 3D and Aura, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects. Desktop Images now offers 70+ titles for professional graphic artists.
2417 dhima & Digital Hollywood
"Nextage Generator" dhima & Digital Hollywood is a multimedia school system with facilities in Japan, South Korea, and the US. Check out exciting student works!
1263 Digimation, Inc.
Digimation is the leading developer of plug-ins for 3D Studio MAX. Best-selling products include Phoenix:Fire, Shag:Hair, Particle Studio, Bones Pro, Illustate, and MultiRes.
2611 Digital Domain, Inc.
Since 1993, Digital Domain has established a world-class standard for artistic and technical achievement for theatrical features (three Academy Awards) and commercial advertisements.
2735 Digital Immersion Software Corporation
Digital Immersion develops the much-anticipated 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software, Merlin 3D. New is the Nav 3D real-time motion controller to be used with Merlin 3D for the ultimate real-time 3D experience in every direction possible.
280 Digital Juice
Digital Juice specializes in creating affordable, professional CD-Rom graphics libraries designed for all multimedia productions. Content includes both moving backgrounds and static backgrounds.
2545 Digital Media Online
DigitalMediaNet.com is organized into distinct market segments, including streaming media, digital video, animation, special effects, desktop publishing, imaging and design, digital audio, CAD, workstations, broadcast and post production, and game development.
979 Digital Vision
Digital Vision is the largest independent, royalty-free photographic library. We have cutting-edge photography and footage for the design, advertising, publishing, and corporate markets.
3203 Dimension 3D-Systems GmbH
Leading manufacturer of 3D-scanning technologies for Internet applications. All generated models are fully textured and Web-ready. Plug-in and applet available!
2418 DISC, Incorporated
DISC is a leading manufacturer of automated library solutions for enterprise storage that enables fast access to imaging/data applications for both near-line and archival data storage.
1037 Discreet
Discreet develops systems and software for visual effects, editing, 3D animation, and production used in the creation of digital moving pictures for video, HDTV, the Web, broadcast graphics, interactive games, and feature films.
2037 Disney, The Walt Disney Company
Stop by the Walt Disney Company's booth at SIGGRAPH 2000 to talk to representatives of Walt Disney Feature Animation and The Secret Lab, Go.com, and Walt Disney Imagineering.
665 Distributed Simulation Technology, Inc.
GL-Studio is a rapid application development tool for creating real-time animated graphics. GL-Studio generates C++ and OpenGL source code that runs on Windows, Linux, and IRIX.
2109 DPS (Digital Processing Systems Inc.)
DPS is a leading manufacturer of digital video products, including digital disk recorders and complete non-linear editing systems for the broadcast, animation, and post-production industries.
243 DreamSkills, Inc.
DreamSkills Productions, based in Del Rio, Texas, specializing in mind-jarring character animation, special effects for broadcast television, movies, and all areas of entertainment. "We think in 3D." What more can we say?
2829 DVS Digital Video, Inc.
DVS offers a comprehensive line of DTV/HDTV/high-resolution video servers, DDRs, still-and-clip stores, and PCI bus I/O boards for storage and computer video interfacing in digital post, broadcast, computer-video, digital cinema, and presentation.
2829 DVS GmbH
DVS manufactures a comprehensive line of DTV/HDTV/high-resolution video servers, DDR's, still-and-clip stores, and PCI bus I/O boards for storage and computer video interfacing in digital post, broadcast, computer-video, digital cinema, and presentation.
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