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2621 A K Peters, Ltd.
The latest and best computer graphics titles: "Realistic Ray Tracing" (Peter Shirley), "Cloth Modeling and Animation" (David Breen and Donald House, editors), and "Motion Capture and Picture Editing" (Moon Jung et al.). Check out "Real- Time Rendering" and the "Journal of Graphics Tools."
2129 Accom
New! WSD/HD Digital Disk Recorder - for SD and 1080/720, for graphics/effects, 24P electronic film, and editing applications. AFFINITY high-end NLE ideal for compositing, effects, and graphics applications.
ACM SIGCHI: engineering interactive systems, designing/evaluating human-machine communication, characterizing use and contexts of use for interactive systems, design methodology, and new designs.
978 Activeworlds.com, Inc.
Activeworlds.com, Inc. is a provider of Internet software products and services that enable efficient delivery of 3D content over the Internet and via intranets.
1936 Addison-Wesley Publishing/New Riders Publishing
Addison-Wesley and New Riders Publishing (divisions of Pearson Education) are leading publishers of high-quality and timely information for programmers, developers, engineers, and system administrators.
Publications Bin Adobe Magazine
Adobe Magazine is dedicated to helping users of Adobe products get their work done better and faster, and to entertain, educate, and inspire them along the way.
2718 Adobe Systems, Inc.
Adobe is hiring! Find out more about our job opportunities at Booth 2718.
1941 Adobe Systems, Inc.
Adobe Systems builds award-winning software solutions for Web and print publishing. Adobe is the fourth-largest US-based personal software company, with annual revenues approaching $1 billion.
1841 Advanced Imaging Magazine
Advanced Imaging is the only international publication dedicated to providing the latest information on imaging hardware, software, and peripherals for all forms of imaging.
658 Advanced Media Production
Advanced Media Production at California State University, Long Beach offers continuing education programs on animation software from Alias|Wavefront, Softimage, Discreet, NewTek, and Autodesk. Facilities are also available for demo reel creation.
1341 Advanced Rendering Technology Inc.
Advanced Rendering Technology Inc. is a leading provider of photorealistic rendering technology to 3D artists. RenderDrive, ART's range of rendering appliances, delivers higher image quality at unmatched processing speeds. For more information see ART and RenderDrive @ Booth 1341.
245 AFA Products Group, Inc.
"Operator UN-intensive" computed solution for quick isolation of objects as they move over a sequence of frames, for use as traveling mattes or color-correction windows.
1845 AiCube Co., Ltd.
AiCube helps real-time graphics content developers improve their productivity, reduce development risk, and enhance the marketability of their content. Xeios is for PlayStation2 and PC.
3113 AIST Inc.
Announcing MoviePack 3.0 Witness AIST's brand-new digital video editing, compositing, and motion-graphics software: real-time previews, unlimited layers, 3D effects. High-speed processing and short rendering times are produced through unique QPM and AMT technologies.
2349 AJA Video
AJA Video provides HD video interface solutions for the professional broadcast/production/display industries, offering miniature D/A and A/D converters, along with the new PCI HDSDI Framestore cards.
1219 AliasIWavefront
As the world's leading innovator of 2D and 3D graphics technology, Alias|Wavefront demonstrates the latest technology in advanced software for the film, video, games and interactive media, industrial design, and visualization markets.
380 Align Technology, Inc.
Align develops innovative 3D applications for the medical industry and is involved with 3D scanning, graphics algorithms, 3D reconstruction, and autonomous computation in complex 3D spaces.
1629 AMD
AMD is a global supplier of integrated circuits for the personal and networked computer and communications markets. AMD produces microprocessors, including the AMD award-winning Athlon processor, and flash memories and products for communications and networking applications.
669 Androme NV
Androme NV is an active software developer and animation producer. At SIGGRAPH 2000, we show CreaToon, our real-time 2D animation software for cut-out animation.
1543 Animation Magazine
The only international publication focusing on the global animation industry, with articles on career opportunities, animation markets, and production advances. Coverage includes television, feature, video, commercials, post-production, gaming, computer technologies, and schools.
535 Anthro Corporation
AnthroCarts! Modular, mobile, incredibly strong computer furniture. Perfect for your multimedia applications. Lots of shapes and sizes-75 accessories. Lifetime warranty. Ships in 24 hours!
2641 Appian Graphics
Appian Graphics is the leading supplier of multi-monitor graphics accelerators, including the Jeronimo and Gemini product lines, and HydraVision, Appian's patented display management software.
2749 Arc Second, Inc.
Arc Second develops and markets 3D position/motion tracking and large scale digitizing systems. Products include: 3D-Intelligence/Technology, Vulcan Spatial Measurement System, and PocketCAD (pocket PC-based CAD).
1467 ArchVision
ArchVision's RPC plug-in and content libraries make addition of 3D people, trees, and other complex objects a breeze. New for SIGGRAPH 2000: Moving people!
2944 Arete Entertainment
Arete demonstrates two new plug-ins, Digital PyroTools and P_Liquid, as well as its award-winning oceanographic and atmospheric Digital NatureTools plug-in.
3045 ARIUS 3D Inc.
1560 The Art Institutes
The Art Institutes is a system of 21 post-secondary schools located nationwide, providing an important source of design, media arts, fashion, and culinary professionals.
2710 Artbeats Digital Film Library
Artbeats is a leading provider of royalty-free stock footage for broadcast, desktop video, multimedia, and the Internet. Content includes effects, water, backgrounds, and more.
2446 ARTBYTE: The Magazine of Digital Culture
ARTBYTE focuses on the creative aspects of new media, from innovations in industrial/graphic design and electronic music to developments in hardware/software and Internet technologies.
2337 ASC-American Cinematographer
Visitors can obtain copies and subscriptions to AC magazine as well as special discounts on books, including the ASC Manuals: Reflections. Leave a business card at the booth for daily drawings and prizes.
2329 Ascension Technology Corporation
Ascension spotlights innovative, new motion-tracking solutions at SIGGRAPH 2000. See our new 3D-BIRD and laserBIRD trackers along with our magnetic trackers in real-time tracking applications.
2414 AuSIM Inc.
AuSIM's GoldSeries products deliver AuSIM3D positional 3D audio on customizable, scalable hardware/software systems. AuSIM provides audio simulation solutions for communication, information display, and entertainment applications.
2729 auto.des.sys, Inc.
form.Z is a 3D solid and surface modeler with drafting, rendering, radiosity, animation, and a full range of unique, state-of-the art 3D modeling operations.
664 Autonomous Effects Inc.
Creators of SceneGenie, which delivers 3D Studio MAX problem-solving capability unprecedented on any platform: sophisticated animation, 3D matching, no-measurement match moves, and motion capture.
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