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3046 Cyra Technologies, Inc.
Cyrax is a portable, auto-scanning 3D laser and PC-software system. It remotely measures, visualizes, and models structures, sites, roads, and terrain with an unprecedented combination of speed, completeness, accuracy, and safety. Over 50 Cyrax systems are currently in use.
3229 MaxVision Corporation
Featuring: MaxPac OpenGL Transportable Workstation. The latest 1280 x 1024 17-inch LCD, Dual Pentium III, 2GB of memory. The ideal workstation for animators and video editing on the go.
435 Motion Analysis Corporation
HiRES motion capture systems: The first real-time optical motion-capture systems from the world's largest manufacturer of systems for film, TV, the Web, and video games. Includes a complete suite of retargeting, editing, and plug-in software.
3040 The3dshop.com
The3dshop.com has been a leader in custom-built 3D/DV workstations since the first generation of OpenGL and DV. Our products include 3Dlabs, Elsa, Matrox, E&S, Leadtek, and Canopus.
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