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o 3D Modeling o Aerospace and Automotive Applications
o Animation o Architecture Applications
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o Broadcast Design Software o Business and Financial Graphics
o CAD/CAM/CAE/CIM o Computer-Video Interfacing
o Data Analysis o Desktop Publishing
o Desktop Video Production Software o Digital Imaging
o Electronic Publishing o Encoders/Decoders
o Engineering Applications o Commercial Game Engines
o Geographic Information Systems-HW o Graphic Design Systems
o Graphics Accelerator Boards o Graphics Standards Software
o GroupWare Software o Image Based Modeling
o Image Management o Industrial Design
o Information Visualization o Mapping and Cartography
o Medical Imaging Software o Motion Capture Software
o Multimedia Tools and Applications o Networking Infrastructure
o Paint Systems o Rendering and Modeling
o Scientific Visualization o Scientific Application
o Simulation o Streaming Technology
o Systems Integrators o Video Encoding and Compression
o VR Software o Visual Effects Software
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