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Technical Materials SIGGRAPH 2000

Technical Materials Sold After the Conference
To order SIGGRAPH 2000 Conference Proceedings, Conference Proceedings CD-ROM, Electronic Art & Animation Catalog, Electronic Art & Animation CD-ROM, Conference Abstracts & Applications, Conference Abstracts & Applications CD-ROM, Course Notes CD-ROM, and Video Reviews, contact:

ACM Order Department
800.342.6626 (Continental US and Canada)
+1.212.626.0500 (International)
+1.212.944.1318 fax


SIGGRAPH Video Review
SIGGRAPH Video Review is the world's most widely circulated video-based publication. Over 135 programs provide an unequaled opportunity to study advanced computer graphics theory and applications. Available on VHS tape in NTSC and PAL formats. Some recent programs are available on DVD. Visit the SIGGRAPH Video Review booth at the SIGGRAPH 2000 Merchandise Store.

For more information, contact:


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