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Peter Braccio
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
SIGGRAPH 2001 The Studio Chair/
2D Printing Chief

Jon Cone
Cone Editions Press, Ltd.
3D Printing Chief
Robert Michael Smith
New York Institute of Technology
3D Scanning Chief
Dan Collins
Arizona State University
Make Art Chief
Brian Schroeder
Splash Technology, Inc.
Creativity Center Chiefs
Helen Golden
Judith Moncrief

Tradigital Fine Art
System/Network Administration
Scott Van Note
Arizona State University

2D Software
Lyn Bishop
Zama Online Design

2D Que Manager 
Larry Danque
Cone Editions Press, Ltd.

Student Volunteer Chief
Bob Gould
Independent Computer Graphics Artist & Videographer

3D Que Manager 
Bharath Vasudeva Rao
Arizona State University

3D Software 
Kimberly Voigt
Drexel University and The Art Institute of Phildelphia

Program Coordinator 
Vickie Caulfield

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