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Wednesday, 2:15 - 4 pm
Room 343-345

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Ken Musgrave

A Branching Cellular Texture Basis Function
A new scheme to divide texture space into cells and interpret each cell position can create branching patterns similar to trees, blood vessels, and other organic-looking objects.
Thomas Burge
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
180 Jefferson Drive
Menlo Park, California 94025 USA

Texture Mixing and Texture Movie Synthesis Using Statistical Learning
An algorithm based on statistical learning for synthesizing static and time-varying textures that match the appearance of an input texture. The algorithm is general and automatic.
Dani Lischinski
The Hebrew University
School of Computer Science and Engineering
Givat Ram, Jerusalem 91904 ISRAEL

CAL    Bresenham Noise
A method for computing the Perlin noise function for procedural texturing using forward differencing. This method reduces the computations per pixel to realize real-time procedural texturing.
Masaki Kameya
Washington State University
530 Rogers Hall
Pullman, Washington 99163 USA

Corrective Texturing
A hybrid approach that combines fast hardware-based rendering with slow but powerful ray tracing.
Marc Stamminger
Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik
Im Stadtwald
Saarbruecken, GERMANY



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