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Shaping Narratives
Annette Weintraub
City College of New York

CAL    "la_alma" Interactive Book
Viewers edit video from the book pages of "la_alma." Ticking machines, obsolete handwriting, and the palimpsestual nature of the former East Berlin reveal a time when Alma had nearly forgotten language.
Lisa Moren
University of Maryland
Visual Arts
Fine Arts Building 111
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, Maryland 21250 USA

Survivors: Testimonies of the Holocaust "Humanity through Technology"
First-hand accounts of four Holocaust survivors from the Shoah Foundation archive. This multimedia application couples their testimonies with in-depth geographical and historical information.
Stephanie Barish
Annenberg Center for Communications
734 West Adams Boulevard, KCH
Los Angeles, California 90089-7725 USA

What is "Tal Vez Mañana?"
This interactive novel portrays Montevideo in a realistic way, from the point of view of four characters.
Gonzalo Varela
Medio y Medio Producciones
Hector Gutierrez Ruiz 1230/101
Montevideo 11100 URUGUAY

CAL    City of Brass: Hieroglyphic Perceptions in Digital Cinema
In "City of Brass," a digital film, the interplay of optical and computer environments expands the language of cinematic storytelling and facilitates the transition from photographic realism to aesthetic impressionism.
Hisham Bizri
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Center for Advanced Visual Studies
265 Massachusetts Avenue, N52-390
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 USA



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