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Rendering Techniques
Bryan Wyvill
University of Calgary

Heuristic Backface Culling for Animated Subdivision Surfaces
This simple heuristic backface culling technique for animated subdivision surfaces attempts to avoid computing backfacing polygons for each subdivision step, which saves memory and execution time.
Tomas Möller
University of California, Berkeley
2058 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Berkeley, California 94704 USA

CAL    Real-Time Human Hair Modeling and Animation
Hair is modeled as strips of parametrically represented surfaces, with texture and alpha mapping applied. Each strip is able to deform in real time and morph between keyframes, creating animation.
Zhiyong Huang
National University of Singapore
School of Computing
Lower Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119260 SINGAPORE

Line Art Rendering Using a Modified A-Buffer
An A-Buffer implementation for rendering surfaces and lines in one pass. Reducing hidden-line removal to scan conversion enables leverage from existing expertise and technologies.
Mayur N. Patel
Industrial Light + Magic
3155 Kerner Boulevard
San Rafael, California 94901 USA

Compressing Texture Maps for Large Real Environments
Rendering large real environments may require a large number of texture maps. This approach uses both vector quantization and information metrics to compress texture for better time and space complexity.
Yizhou Yu
University of California, Berkeley
Computer Science Division
Berkeley, California 94720 USA



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