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Visualization and Image Technology
Doug Roble
Digital Domain

Evaluating Image Quality Metrics Vs. Human Evaluation
Based on psychophysical experiments, this sketch estimated how close a rendered image is to its original counterpart. Results from these experiments were used to compare and evaluate numerical comparison techniques.
Ann McNamara
University of Bristol
Vision and Graphics Lab
Merchant Venturers Building
Woodland Road

Illustrating Uncertainty
How can we usefully represent incomplete data? To make a contour map whose color describes our confidence in the local data, this approach combines smoothing and certainty in a layered structure.
Geoff Wyvill
University of Otago
Computer Science Department
Archway West Building
Union Street

CAL    Robust Invisible Watermarking of Volume Data
There is an urgent need to protect the copyrights of digital volume data. This sketch presented a novel invisible, robust watermarking technique to help establish ownership of volume data.
Zhiyong Huang
National University of Singapore
School of Computing
Lower Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119260 SINGAPORE

Fast Multi-Resolution Operations on Images in the Wavelet Domain
This sketch demonstrated the applicability and advantages of fast multi-resolution operations in two common types of image operations: 3D image warping and convolution of images and image sequences.
Iddo Drori
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
School of Computer Science and Engineering
Givat Ram
Jerusalem 91904 ISRAEL



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