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Avatars and Autonomous Behavior
Ken Musgrave

Behavioral Animation by Constraint-Based Adaptive Search
This sketch proposes a language for describing behaviors of virtual agents, expressed implicitly as sets of goal constraints to be satisfied, together with an efficient adaptive search method for action selection.
Philippe Codognet
Université Paris 6 + INRIA
8, rue du Capitaine Scott
75015 Paris, FRANCE

VScape Autonomous Intelligent Behavior in Virtual Worlds
VScape simulates intelligent autonomous behavior by agents in a 3D graphical world, making use of the Unified Modeling Language.
Peter Forte
Kingston University
Penrhyn Road
Computer Science Department
Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey KT1 2EE UNITED KINGDOM

The Puppeteer Behind the Avatar
Work in progress on a synthetic personality for avatars and how it affects the interaction process with humans or other avatars. The context is the Deuxième Monde, Canal+'s virtual community.
Guillaume Chicoisne
Canal+ / Leibniz-Institut IMAG
35 quai Andre Citroen
75015 Paris, FRANCE

The Role of Eye Gaze in Avatar Mediated Conversational Interfaces
A model of eye-gaze patterns in the context of real-time verbal communication. This sketch assessed whether the model induces eye-gaze behavior changes in individuals who are conversing with avatars.
Alex Colburn
Microsoft Research
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, Washington 98052 USA



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