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Doug Roble
Digital Domain

Fitting Catmull-Clark Surfaces to Laser-Scanned Data from 3D Models
A method for computation of Catmull-Clark surfaces that fit a cloud of laser-scanned vertices.
Miguel Angel Sepulveda
Digital Domain
300 Rose Avenue
Venice, California 90291 USA

"Sleepy Hollow:" Digital Blood (Dynamic) Simulations and Volumetric Rendering
Developing a digital way of creating blood to heighten dramatic impact in a scene where real blood is key.
David Frederick Horsley
Industrial Light + Magic
3155 Kerner Boulevard
San Rafael, California 94901 USA

"Toy Story 2" Technical Challenges
Some of the technical challenges encountered in the making of "Toy Story 2."
Guido Quaroni
Pixar Animation Studios
1001 West Cutting
Richmond, California 94804 USA



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