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Image-Based Rendering
Paul Debevec
USC Institute for Creative Technologies

Shedding Light on Image-Based Rendering
An image-based method for rendering photo-realistic pictures of scenes under arbitrarily specified illumination. The method can be applied to objects with any shape and with a varying BRDF.
David Kriegman
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Computer Science Department
Beckman Institute
405 North Mathews Avenue
Urbana, Illinois 61853 USA

3D Plenoptic Functions With Cylindrical Maps
A novel 3D representation of a plenoptic function that uses cylinderical maps placed on a circle.
Yunjin Lee
Pohang University of Science and Technology
Department of CSE
San 31 Hyojadong
Pohang, KOREA

A Low-Cost, Portable Light Field Capture Device
The cost of digitizing light fields of real-world scenes is prohibitive for most image-based rendering researchers. This sketch described how to build a low-cost portable light-field camera.
Jason Yang
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
LCS Computer Graphics Group
545 Technology Square NE43-243
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 USA



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