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The Actual Reality of Virtual Reality Software

Since 1997, there has been unprecedented global growth in the number of immersive, large-scale, virtual reality installations. These installations no longer reside exclusively in research labs. Many facilities exist in high-profile industrial and public-access sites. Where are the integrated software tools to create virtual environments, manage interactive devices, handle a variety of display configurations, and provide unified interaction paradigms? Panelists presented their views on the status and future of software for immersive environments.
Online Panel
This panel began online before SIGGRAPH 2000.

Carolina Cruz-Neira
Iowa State University
Mary Cole
Atlantic Richfield Company
Carolina Cruz-Neira
Iowa State University
Bernd Froehlich
GMD National Research Center for Information Technology (EMD)
Linda Jacobson
Ken Pimentel
Engineering Animation, Inc.
Kent Watsen
Naval Postgraduate School


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