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SIGGRAPH 2000 Panels SIGGRAPH 2000
Aliza corson - Panels Chair
SIGGRAPH 2001 Panels Call for Participation

Panel Organizers
Panels Committee
Rich Media for the Web
The Actual Reality of Virtual Reality Software
Computer and Video Games: The Next Generation
Digital Cel Animation in Japan
No Art Jargon!
How Free is Free Software
The Healing Powers of Virtual Reality
Understanding the Past: Computer Graphics and Archaeology
Exploring New Roles for Interactive Virtual Characters
Emotional Simulator: The Tears and Fears of Creating a Compelling Simulated Experience for Both Entertainment and Training
  Visualizing the Cosmos: Smoke or Mirrors
Interactive Storytelling: New Genres and Directions
Designing for Convergence in the Entertainment Industry
James Brown: Putting a New Face on the Godfather of Soul


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