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In Exhibitor Forums, SIGGRAPH 2000 exhibitors went beyond short demos of their products and services to present two-hour tutorials, panel discussions, or hands-on instruction. All Exhibitor Forums were presented in a theater-style setting on the exhibition floor.

Creating Rich Interactivity for the Web With NeMo

Everyone is looking to 3D on the Web as one of this year's big breakthroughs. This session of stunning step-by-step examples showed how NeMo can bring rich, interactive 3D to your Web site. Attendees learned how to export models for use with real-time 3D; how to create interactivity with a user-friendly, graphical interface and drag-and-drop behavior-building blocks; and how to add these compelling creations to their projects.


Intro to Web 3D
Cult3D Tips and Tricks

Cycore Inc. USA

In this interactive session, Chris Murray of Mind Gel discussed low-resolution modeling, texture optimization, and other tips for creating Web 3D content. Also: how Cycore, Cult3D's free award-winning software tools, bring 3D models to the Web, adding interactivity and file compression without sacrificing image quality.


3D Modeling With form.Z
auto.des.sys, Inc.

Experience the power of 3D modeling with form.Z, the versatile solid and surface modeler that allows complete control over the creative process in 3D design. This session showed how to design directly in 3D or 2D, using numeric or graphic input, moving effortlessly back and forth between drafting, modeling, rendering, and animation.
Attendees who completed this session were able to grow a model from simple lines to complex surfaces, or to true solids with a few quick clicks, Boolean them to generate complex composite objects, create curved surfaces from a variety of splines, including NURBS and Coons patches, and dynamically sculpt and reshape them using a variety of deformations to twist, bulge, or bend them, as you slip effortlessly between 2D and 3D views.
The session concluded with a question-and-answer period.


Dynamic Digital Video Creation
Matrox Video Products Group

How to create dynamic digital video productions on tight deadlines and small budgets. Integrate audio and video editing, compositing, animation, and special effects for maximum impact. Deliver on tape, DVD, CD, and the Web. Sponsored by Matrox, the makers of the DigiSuite and RT2000 real-time editing platforms.


Procedural Animation Workshop
Side Effects Software

Procedural (non-linear) animation is one of the hottest industry trends, and Houdini technology is the leading procedural animation tool. Ray Corbett, Education and Training Manager at Side Effects Software presented a Houdini 4.0 workshop that demonstrated the advantages of procedural animation for creating stunning effects, detailed environments, and complex characters. Specific topics: procedural workflow, procedural particle systems, and non-destructive motion editing.


3D Multi-User Communities
blaxxun interactive, Inc.

The tools you need to create your own instant multi-user community in 3D. blaxxun interactive, Inc. also showed compelling examples of multi-user applications built on its technology platform, including Simsala Grimm and Advopolis. Topics: creation of virtual worlds, creating 3D online communities, e-commerce, and 3D applications.

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