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SIGGRAPH 2001 Courses Call for Participation

Animation & Special Effects 1 The Art and Technology of Disney's "Dinosaur"
2 Physically Based Parametric Sound Synthesis and Control
  3 Getting Started with the Java Media APIs
  4 Visibility: Problems, Techniques, and Applications
Virtual Reality 5 Eye-Based Interaction in Graphical Systems: Theory & Practice
Game Development & Interactivity Virtual Reality 6 Developing Efficient Graphics Software
  7 CANCELLED Psychophysics 101: How to Design, Implement, and Analyze Visual User Studies in Computer Graphics
  8 A Practical Guide to Global Illumination Using Photon Maps
Virtual Reality 9 Visualizing Quaternions
Art 10 A Survey of Color for Computer Graphics
  11 Visual Curves and Surfaces: A Non-Technical Approach
  12 Obtaining 3D Models with a Hand-Held Camera
  13 Rendering and Visualization in Parallel Environments
Animation & Special Effects 14 "Stuart Little": A Tale of Fur, Costumes, Performances, and Integration: Breathing Real Life Into a Digital Character
  15 Migrating to an Object-Oriented Graphics API
  16 Image-Based Surface Details
  17 An Interactive Introduction to OpenGL Programming
Virtual Reality 18 Interactive Walkthroughs of Large Geometric Datasets
  19 3D Photography
  20 Modeling for Medical Applications
Art 21 Color Science and Color Management for CGI and Film
  22 Introduction to Computer Graphics
Animation & Special Effects 23 Subdivision for Modeling and Animation
Animation & Special Effects Game Development & Interactivity 24 Smart Animated Agents
  25 Simulating Nature: From Theory to Practice
Animation & Special Effects 26 Motion Editing: Principles, Practice, and Promise
Game Development & Interactivity Virtual Reality 27 Approaches for Procedural Shading on Graphics Hardware
Web Technologies 28 Internetworked 3D Computer Graphics: Overcoming Bottlenecks and Supporting Collaboration
  29 Introduction to the Java Advanced Imaging API
  30 Practical Parallel Processing for Realistic Rendering
  31 Geometric Algebra: New Foundations, New Insights
  32 Advanced Graphics Programming Techniques Using OpenGL
Animation & Special Effects 33 Animating Humans by Combining Simulation and Motion Capture
Web Technologies 34 The Convergence of Scientific Visualization Methods with the World Wide Web
Virtual Reality 35 Image-Based Modeling, Rendering, and Lighting
Virtual Reality Game Development & Interactivity 36 3D User Interface Design: Fundamental Techniques, Theory, and Practice
Art 37 Drawing on the right Side of the Brain
  38 3D Geometry Compression
Game Development & Interactivity 39 Games Research: the Science of Interactive Entertainment
  40 Advanced RenderMan 2: To RI_INFINITY and Beyond
  41 Advanced Issues in Level of Detail
Virtual Reality 42 Developing Shared Virtual Environments
Game Development & Interactivity Virtual Reality 43 Aggressive Performance Optimizations For 3D Graphics
  44 Image Quality Metrics
  45 The Technology of Digital Cinema (D-cinema)
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