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The Technology of Digital Cinema (D-cinema)
level 12
For well over a decade, the SIGGRAPH community has been at the forefront of digital creation and processing of motion picture images. However, live-action principal photography is still primarily acquired on 35mm motion picture film, and the end result is displayed on 35mm motion picture film. This course described the technology of D-cinema acquisition and display, and discussed the interface between D-cinema and digital image creation and editing.

Experience with creation or manipulation of digital images. Familiarity with film or video, and with color science, perhaps from a color course at a previous SIGGRAPH conference or this year's Course 21: Color Science and Color Management for CGI and Film.

Contrast ratio, spatial resolution, color gamut, color image data metrics, image exchange standards, HDTV interface standards, HDTV recording, projection systems.

Charles Poynton

John Galt
Alan Lasky


Isaac Kerlow
The Walt Disney Company

Charles Poynton

Dave Schnuelle
International Video Conversions

Bill Werner
Texas Instruments


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