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Game Development & Interactivity Virtual Reality Aggressive Performance Optimizations For 3D Graphics CAL
level 5
Performance optimizations for 3D graphics programs in relationship to algorithmic design, coding, and data representation. Approaches included 3D algorithmic optimizations and restructuring for target platforms, performance analysis with available profiling and event-based tools, coding techniques for performance, and data representation for efficient processing on target architectures. In the CAL, attendees gained hands-on experience with actual performance measurements, analysis, and optimizations.

Working knowledge of C++ and introductory knowledge of platform architecture.

Platform architecture, basic CPU architecture including SIMD extensions, memory subsystems, graphics cards, data representation and organization (and how it affects performance), code optimizations, memory optimizations, SIMD optimizations, and high-level algorithmic optimizations.

Haim Barad
Intel Corporation

Haim Barad
Dean Macri
Kim Pallister

Intel Corporation

Eric Haines
Autodesk, Inc.

Tomas Möller
University of California, Berkeley



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