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Virtual RealityDeveloping Shared Virtual Environments
level 8
This course covered the practical issues in designing and implementing shared virtual environment applications. The morning "design" session began with an introduction to the history of shared VE development and how today's architectures have evolved. The afternoon "implementation" session taught attendees how to build shared VE applications, quickly and easily, with existing toolkits or ready-made applications. Toolkit designers presented quick-start tutorials on how to use their systems for maximum benefit.

Basic preparation in graphics (at the level of the SIGGRAPH 2000 introductory course) and networking (at the level of the SIGGRAPH Internetworked Computer Graphics course). Programming experience (C++, Java) recommended for the afternoon session.

Design issues (network architecture, interest management, shared-state management, object and behavior ontology), implementation issues (I/O devices, scalability, multi-threading, dynamic extensibility, interoperability, persistence, languages), and current shared VE toolkits and frameworks.

Michael Capps
Naval Postgraduate School

Yahn Bernier
ValveSoftware/Sierra Games

Michael Capps
Naval Postgraduate School

Chris Geenhalgh
University of Nottingham

Cary Sandvig
Jesse Schell

Walt Disney Imagineering

Sandeep Singhal
IBM Pervasive Computing

Michael Zyda
Naval Postgraduate School



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