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Animation & Special Effects Animating Humans by Combining Simulation and Motion Capture
level 12
Researchers in pursuit of realism in human animation have traditionally approached the problem from one of two complementary directions: by capturing human motion data or applying physically based approaches such as simulation and optimization. Recent results have demonstrated that simulation and human data can be combined to create models of human motion that are easier to use and more useful for analysis and visualization than either human data or simulation alone. This course reviewed the use of simulation and motion capture data to animate human motion, and looks at how they can be combined.

Working knowledge of at least one of the two animation techniques (pure motion capture and active simulations). Some knowledge of control systems and optimization useful but not required.

Control systems to track and augment biomechanical data, optimization to create physical models of motion data, and optimization and scaling techniques for creating continuous, coordinated motion from isolated motion capture segments.

Jessica K. Hodgins
Georgia Institute of Technology

Zoran Popovic
University of Washington

Jessica K. Hodgins
Georgia Institute of Technology

Marcus Pandy
University of Texas, Austin

Robert Playter
Boston Dynamics Inc.

Nancy Pollard
Brown University

Zoran Popovic
University of Washington

Charles Rose
Microsoft Research

Victor Zordan
Georgia Institute of Technology


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