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Game Development & Interactivity Virtual Reality Approaches for Procedural Shading on Graphics Hardware
level 10
Procedural shading, long valued for off-line rendering and production animation, is just now becoming possible on interactive graphics hardware. This course presented eight approaches, ranging from full procedural shading on advanced specialized hardware to limited, yet still surprisingly flexible shading on off-the-shelf systems. In a concluding panel session, speakers and attendees discussed the relative merits and pitfalls of several shading methods.

Working knowledge of a modern graphics API like OpenGL and familiarity with the concepts of procedural shading.

How interactive procedural shading can be implemented using advanced programmable hardware, more modest extensions to graphics hardware, or even existing graphics hardware. SIMD rendering hardware, parameterized and procedural solid texturing, texture shaders, advanced environment mapping, and multi-pass rendering.

Marc Olano

John C. Hart
Washington State University

Wolfgang Heidrich
Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik

Michael McCool
University of Waterloo

Bill Mark
Kekoa Proudfoot

Stanford University

Marc Olano



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