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Animation & Special Effects "Stuart Little:" A Tale of Fur, Costumes, Performances, and Integration: Breathing Real Life Into a Digital Character
level 7
An in-depth, exclusive look into the creation of "Stuart Little", a live-action film with an all-digital, fully articulated leading character. Stuart's creators explored conceptualization, design, research, and development of photo-real fur, costuming, and animation set-up, as well as physical effects, CG lighting, compositing, and final delivery of over 500 shots of varying difficulty. Attendees learned how these techniques are applied in a real-world computer graphics production.

An intermediate understanding of 3D and 2D graphics production techniques. Interest in research and development methods, photo-real character integration, cloth and dynamics, procedural shading, lighting design, and sophisticated feature-film production methods.

Research and development methods, character design, creation of real-world elements such as CG costuming and cloth dynamics, furring, shader development, character acting, CG and physical effects, match-moving, final integration, pipeline, and production methods. Also: integration of proprietary tools with third-party software, continuous development during production, and data management.

Jim Berney
Jay K. Redd
Sony Pictures Imageworks

Henry Anderson
Jim Berney
Jerome Chen
John Dykstra
Jay K. Redd
Scott Stokdyk

Sony Pictures Imageworks


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