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Visual Curves and Surfaces: A Non-Technical Approach
level 0
The basics of curves and surfaces in a technically non-threatening, visually appealing presentation. This course conveyed a sense of the mathematical beauty and utility of curves and surfaces, and taught the subject's visual vocabulary. Because curves and surfaces are so prevalent in design, animation, CAD/CAM, desktop publishing, and other fields, the course is valuable for artists, stylists, and managers who need a quick introduction, as well as some technical types who need an efficient overview.

A minimum facility with mathematics (college-level algebra) but even this should not be considered a constraint.

Parametric curves, Bezier curves, the de Casteljau algorithm and subdivision, smoothness, B-splines and their properties, surfaces, trimming, and application examples.

Alyn Rockwood
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory

Assisting in Presentation
Mars Brimhall
Universität Kaiserslautern


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