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Creative Applications Lab Projects

Art Gallery
Daddy Liked His With Heart
Identification - Analyze
Merging Identity: Exploration of Identity: the Body and Life Online
Relazioni Emergenti: An Artificial Life Environment for Solution Development and Process
A Text for the Navigational Age
Time Warp-Philadelphia
Utopia 1997

3 Getting Started With Java Media APIs
17 An Interactive Introduction to OpenGL Programming
29 Introduction to the Java Advanced Imaging API
31 Geometric Algebra: New Foundations, New Insights
34 The Convergence of Scientific Visualization Methods With the World Wide Web
43 Aggressive Performance Optimization for 3D Graphics

Educators Program
Enhancing Teaching and Learning with Animation
Teaching Computer Graphics With OpenGL: Two Approaches
Painting Together Across the World: Collaborative NetPainting Between High School Students & a Professional Artist

Tangible Interaction and Graphical Interpretation: A New Approach to Intuitive 3D Modeling
Acquiring the Reflectance Field of a Human Face

Sketches & Applications
A Virtual Reality Interface for Analyzing Remotely Sensed Forestry Data
Near Real-Time Cutting
"Mesh Sweeper:" Fast Closest Point on a Polygonal Mesh
"la_alma" Interactive Book
City of Brass: Hieroglyphic Perceptions in Digital Cinema
Bresenham Noise
Super Bodies
Cephalic Visitors
Conception to Birth
An Optical See-Through Display for Mixed Reality
Painting in Space With BLUI
A Constructive Approach To Playing Dynamic Graphics
Dynamic Animation and Control Environment (DANCE)
Real-Time Interactive Grid-Free Fluid Dynamics
Scalable Motion Simulation
A Method of Generating Pavement Textures Using the Square Packing Technique
GeoSCAPE: 3D Visualization of On-Site Archeological Excavation Using a Vectorizing Tape Measure
Robust Invisible Watermarking of Volume Data
Real-Time Human Hair Modeling and Animation

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