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  Attendees who think and work in similar technologies and environments scheduled Birds of a Feather sessions.
SIGGRAPH 2000 Birds of a Feather Sessions
(as of 19 July 2000)

Theresa-Marie Rhyne
Amapi 3D 5.1
Brian Patera
+1.858.457.5359 x110
Arts Curriculum in Computer Graphics
Heather Elliott
CA Visualization Engineering Meeting
Elizabeth Smith
Cavernus Meeting
Jim Costigan
Chapters Development Workshop
Scott Lang
+1.201.343.6000 ext. 3380
Cocktails and Animation Featuring Digital Sculpture
Fereshteh Hough
Component-Based Visualization Environments
Michael Pique
Computer Graphics Pioneers Reception
Sherry Keowen
DIS-Java-VRML and vrtp
Don Brutzman
Education Committee Meeting
Michael McGrath
GIMP Users and Developers Meeting
Caroline Dahllof
Graphics & Archaeology
Alan Chalmers
Hash Animation Master SIG
Ken Baer
IEEE TC on Visualization and Graphics
Robert Moorhead
ISEA Gathering
Katarina Soukup
Java 3D BOF
Michael Schulman
Daryll Strauss
Massively Parallel Graphics and Visualization
Patricia Crossno
Molecular Graphics
Michael Pique
NLM Visible Human Project BOF
Terry Yoo
Ohio State Alumni Reception
Sharon Ferguson
Open BOF on the Future of the SIGGRAPH Conference
Scott Owen
Open Inventor 2.6 Interactive 3D Visualization Toolkit
Brian Patera
+1.858.457.5359 x110
OpenML Specification Meeting
Ed Schmit
Ozone: Art, A-Life, Ideas
Kevin Cain
Professional Chapters Business Meeting
Scott Lang
+1.201.343.6000 ext. 3380
Professional Chapters Start-Up Meeting
Scott Lang
+1.202.343.6000 ext. 3880
Public Policy Program
Robert Ellis
Ray Tracing Roundtable
Eric Haines
Ringling School of Art & Design Alumni Reception
Sarah Walcott-Febish
RIT Alumni and Special Guest Reception
Dan Hickey
SPEC/GPC Press Conference
Bob Cramblitt
Student Chapters Start-Up Meeting
Scott Lang
+1.202.343.6000 ext. 3880
T-Shirt Contest
Mk Haley
Masa Inakage
+81 467 32 7941
UNC Graphics Reunion
Mary Whitton
The VTK User's Group Meeting
William J. Schroeder
518.371.3971 ext. 102
Web3D Animation Groups
Don Brutzman
Don Brutzman
Web3D Wrapup
Don Brutzman
Wildtangent, Inc. Meeting Room
Kris Hemenway
+1.425.882.7963 ext. 37
X3D and Source Groups
Don Brutzman
X-IST Reseller Meeting
Nicole Jager
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