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  Birds of a Feather Meeting Space Request Form
Please print this form, complete it, and mail or fax it to SIGGRAPH 2000 Conference Management, Attn: Alison Milgram, by 7 July 2000. You will receive an email confirmation within two weeks after we receive the form.
Contact Person:______________________________
Postal Code:_________________________________
List Function As You Would Like It Published:
Function Description:________________________
First Choice:________________________________
Second Choice:_______________________________
Note: If function requires excessive setup/teardown time, some charges may apply. If applicable, Conference Management will advise prior to confirming space.
___ Sat., 22 July
___ Sun., 23 July
___ Mon., 24 July
___ Tues., 25 July
___ Wed., 26 July
___ Thurs., 27 July
___ Fri., 28 July
Reservation Start Time:______________________
Reservation End Time:________________________
Meeting Start Time:__________________________
Meeting End Time:____________________________
Expected Attendance:_________________________

Room Set Up
___ Banquet
___ Conference (25 max.)
___ Hollow Square (40 max.)
___ Reception
___ Schoolroom
___ Theater
___ Other: __________________________________
Please note if extensive A/V requirements need to be considered in assigning your space:
___ Yes ___ No
Extensive requirements means equipment other than overhead, screen, data projector and 35mm projector.
An audiovisual form will be emailed to you with your confirmation. You are responsible for any A/V charges.
Publicize Meeting in Program & Buyer's Guide and Conference Locator?
Form must be received by 26 May 2000.
___ Yes ___ No
Publicize Meeting on Kiosk in Registration?
Form must be received by 23 June 2000.
___ Yes ___ No
Publicize Meeting on SIGGRAPH 99 Web Site?
Form must be received by 14 July 2000
___ Yes ___ No
Publicize Meeting on Hotel Event Boards?
Form must be received by 7 July 2000.
___ Yes ___ No
Applicant will be responsible for individual ASCAP/BMI licensing fees if applicable to function. The above-mentioned function is not an official SIGGRAPH 2000 function and therefore is not covered under the Association's ASCAP/BMI Licensing Agreements. See the Exhibitor Manual for more information on ASCAP/BMI Licensing.
If all information is completed above, a confirmation will be emailed to you within two weeks of receiving this request. This will include contact information for setup, food/ beverage, and audio visual needs. SIGGRAPH 2000 will not accept any charges in conjunction with this function. SIGGRAPH 2000 reserves the right to reassign meeting space as necessary.
Room Assigned:___________________________
Contact Fax Number:______________________
Conference Management Approval Signature:
This will authorize the hotel to release meeting space as shown above from the space held for SIGGRAPH 2000 functions. The BOF contact named above is responsible for all charges. No charges in conjunction with this function may be billed to SIGGRAPH 2000. The venue contact may accept changes to attendance estimates, but changes to date/time or room assignments must be made through SIGGRAPH 2000 Conference Management.
In Schedule of Events: ___
Confirmation Mailed: ___
Return by 7 July 2000
SIGGRAPH 2000 Conference Management
401 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2300
Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA
+1.312.321.6876 fax

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