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Excerpts from "Eye Sling Shot Lions"

Excerpts from "Eye Sling Shot Lions" is an interactive digital composition conceived and constructed around the Quicktime Media Layer, Max2, and Supercard technologies. During live performance, a melange of typography, sounds, video fragments, interactive digital video, simulated live performance, short films, and pop music is controlled via MIDI and interwoven with live poetry, suburban hip-hop, and spoken-word texts. Custom-built interface elements link the performer to computer-controlled video and typography, through extensive use of piezoelectric elements.
Elliott Peter Earls
The Apollo Program
82 East Elm Street
Greenwich, Connecticut 06830 USA

M3: T-Garden

T-Garden is the third room in a proposed performance and social investigation called M3. It is a responsive environment where visitors can put on sound and dance with images in a tangible way to construct musical and visual worlds "on the fly." The play space dissolves the lines between performer and spectator by creating a social, computational, and media architecture that allows the players to shape patterns in the dynamical environment.
908B Menlo Avenue
Menlo Park, California 94025 USA

Terminal Time

Terminal Time is a cutting-edge, audience-powered history engine that combines mass participation, real-time documentary graphics, and artificial intelligence to deliver the history that viewers deserve. Each half-hour cinematic experience covers 1,000 years of history and is custom-made to reflect audience values and desires.
Michael Mateas
Carnegie Mellon University
Department of Computer Science
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213 USA


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