SIGGRAPH TV will broadcast a daily magazine program throughout the convention center. Content will include interviews, history, behind-the-scenes activities, and new-direction segments, to keep attendees informed of the latest conference "buzz."
Offsite Production
Before and during SIGGRAPH 2000, SIGGRAPH TV will produce and solicit segments, animations, bumpers, trailers, intros, and other types of programming for use during the conference. This work will be done by teams of volunteer animators, producers, directors, scriptwriters, and other essential production personnel.
Onsite Production
SIGGRAPH TV will recruit a special group of motivated and skilled people who want to be a part of a truly global broadcast network: producers, directors, animators, magazine crews, talent, studio engineers, camera operators and lighting experts. This highly talented group will produce their projects during SIGGRAPH 2000 and be responsible for every facet of the SIGGRAPH TV network.
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