Use the checklist below to ensure that your submission is complete and meets all applicable program requirements.
1   Complete the online SIGGRAPH 2000 Technical Slide Set Submission & Authorization Form.
There you will find instructions on how to complete the online form. When you have completed and finalized your submission form, you can display it in your browser for printing. You MUST: print the form, sign the form, and send your printed, signed form via postal or courier service so it arrives on or before the submission deadline. If we do not receive your completed, signed submission & authorization form, your work cannot be accepted by SIGGRAPH 2000.
Send to:
Michael Bailey
SIGGRAPH 2000 Technical Slide Set Editor
San Diego Supercomputer Center
10100 John Hopkins Drive
La Jolla, California 92037 USA

Submit one form per entry.
2   Include, in the space provided on the online form, a short technical description of your slide(s) suitable for publication. This is the only written material the jury has by which to make a decision. It must stand on its own (do not refer to theory documents), and it must explain what is unique about the image. What makes the image special? Why is it technically or visually outstanding? Is the application area new or novel? Which algorithms, techniques, or procedures are new or improved? How does your technique compare to previous works?
3   Send four original 35mm slides of each image along with your completed, signed submission & authorization form. In English, indicate FRONT/BACK and TOP/BOTTOM and print your name, telephone number, and online ID number on the slide mounts. Do not use labels. Do not use glass mounts, as they may break in the mail.
You may submit as many different images as you like for consideration by the jury. Each slide (or slide pair for stereo images) is handled separately and requires a completed, signed submission & authorization form.
If you are considering submitting several images that represent a time series of events, you must composite them. Large numbers of slides in a time series are prohibited due to space limitations.
Upon completion of the jury process, accepted slides are used for duplication purposes. All others are destroyed.
Submitters located outside of the United States should note that customs delays of up to two weeks can occur. Customs labels should bear the words: "Educational material with no commercial value." SIGGRAPH 2000 will not pay any customs fees, duties, or tariffs incurred by your submission. Submissions delayed past the submission deadline will not be accepted for review.
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