Review Process and Upon Acceptance
Each submission will be reviewed and evaluated based on content, clarity, appropriateness, and breadth of application. Preference will be given to those submissions that are multi- or inter-disciplinary in nature and those that address curricular and pedagogical issues in using computer graphics, multimedia, or interactive techniques in the classroom, including possible future uses of these techniques in education.
Abstracts and proposals should contain sufficient detail to assure reviewers that your work is high-quality, innovative, motivational, and of interest to a wide spectrum of attendees. Bear in mind that the sigKIDS audience is a highly diversified group that shares an interest in education but may not have your level of expertise. Use a writing style that is understandable to a wide audience.
Original papers and short abstracts from sigKIDS presentations will appear in an appropriate SIGGRAPH 2000 publication and CD-ROM.
Early Feedback
If you have questions or if you are looking for feedback on your sigKIDS proposal, please send an Early Feedback draft, or contact the sigKIDS chair, prior to the submission deadline.
Upon Acceptance
For information on the sigKIDS review process and the responsibilities of contributors whose work is accepted for SIGGRAPH 2000, contact the sigKIDS chair.
Proposals must be received by: Wednesday, 15 March 2000, 5 pm Pacific Time.
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