Use the checklist below to ensure that your submission is complete and meets all applicable program requirements.
1   Complete the online SIGGRAPH 2000 sigKIDS Submission & Authorization Form.
There you will find instructions on how to complete the online form. When you have completed and finalized your submission form, you can display it in your browser for printing. You MUST: print the form, sign the form, and send your printed, signed form via postal or courier service so it arrives on or before the submission deadline. If we do not receive your completed, signed submission & authorization form, your work cannot be accepted by SIGGRAPH 2000.
Send to:
Marc J. Barr
SIGGRAPH 2000 sigKIDS Chair
Department of Radio, TV & Photography
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37132 USA

2   Submit your paper or proposal. Electronic submission is strongly encouraged (plain text only). If you do not submit your proposal electronically, send five printed copies of your paper or proposal to the address above when you send your completed submission & authorization form.
Fax submissions are not accepted.
3   If you are submitting your work to the sigKIDS Art and Animation Show, send animations, along with your completed, signed submission & authorization form, on VHS, Hi8, Sony DV Cam, Beta, or 3/4 tape, or as a QuickTime file or other standard graphic file.
4   If you are submitting artwork, send at least two original 35mm slides for each artwork, and not more than 12 (no glass slide mounts), in a slide sheet, along with your completed, signed submission & authorization form. Label slides and/or videotape with your name, title, media, date, size, and online ID number. Indicate TOP of slide and put a red dot in lower left corner. Slides of details must be labeled as details.
5   Your proposal must include any special technology requirements you will need for your project. Presenters are required to provide any equipment beyond the standard SIGGRAPH 2000 configuration.
6   All of your presenters must sign and send the online SIGGRAPH 2000 Authorization Form. If we do not receive completed, signed authorization forms from all speakers, your work cannot be accepted.
Submitters located outside of the United States should note that customs delays of up to two weeks can occur. Customs labels should bear the words: "Educational material with no commercial value." SIGGRAPH 2000 will not pay any customs fees, duties, or tariffs incurred by your submission. Submissions delayed past the submission deadline will not be accepted for review.
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