All students, educators, and parents are encouraged to contribute their work in computer graphics and interactive techniques to sigKIDS, and to consider submitting proposals to related SIGGRAPH 2000 programs, such as the CAL, Emerging Technologies, and the Educators Program. Submissions from outside North America are especially encouraged.
sigKIDS Art and Animation Show
All types of work done by people 18 years of age and younger, displayed at SIGGRAPH 2000 and
Creation Tales
One of the strengths of SIGGRAPH is its professional and cultural diversity. Creation Tales highlights this diversity by asking students throughout the world to submit their interpretations of Earth's creation. These works could be still images, illustrated stories, animations, or interactive experiences. They will be displayed at SIGGRAPH 2000 and archived on the conference Web site.
sigKIDS TV/Online
Online daily programming and a Web site featuring online art, an animation show, Creation Tales, and links to projects and sites submitted by K-12 educators and students.
A creative collaboration between sigKIDS and ThinkQuest's recent developments in interactive Web-based information for students.
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