Session Room Set-Up and Speaker Preparation SIGGRAPH 2000
Equipment in the Session Rooms
To ensure that you have the equipment necessary to make your presentation look great, SIGGRAPH 2000 provides a very generous array of presentation technology in the session rooms. The standard setup includes dual slide projectors, two screens, a high-resolution video/data projector, a VHS VCR, a Betacam VCR, an audio cassette player, a CD player, a standing lectern, a laser pointer, two microphones, a 450 Mhz Pentium II PC, and a 300 Mhz Macintosh G3. The computers are equipped with 128 megabytes of RAM, 4-megabyte graphics adapters, CD-ROM drives, Iomega Zip drives, and Ethernet connections to the Internet. Microsoft Power Point, Internet Explorer and Netscape are installed on the computers. The PCs have Windows 95, and the Macs have OS 8.5. All the video players and the computers are connected to the high-resolution video/data projector. The largest rooms also offer the option of projecting slides through the video projector to take advantage of the enhanced brightness.
The Speaker Preparation Room
So that the AV staff can ensure that all AV and computer requirements are ready for your presentation, all speakers are required to check in at the Speaker Prep Room soon after arrival at the conference. This is the perfect time for you to confirm your AV and computer equipment requests, rehearse your presentation, and inquire about any additional needs you may have while at the conference.
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