Papers undergo a three-phase reviewing process. Each paper is assigned by the Papers Advisory Board to two senior reviewers who are members of the 30-40 member selection committee that has been convened by the Papers chair. Papers that are clearly inappropriate (previous art, dual submissions, etc.) may be rejected at this stage, before the selection committee meets to review submitted papers. The senior reviewers write a full review of each paper that is not rejected.
In the second phase, each paper is distributed to three or more additional experts, who are selected by one of the senior reviewers of that paper (the primary reviewer), and who each write a full review. At least five reviews are written for each paper that has not been rejected during phase one. Two reviews are written by senior reviewers who know the identities of the authors of the paper, and three or more are written by additional reviewers who do not. The reviews are specific to the category of the paper, as described above.
Finally, after all reviews are complete and the results are tabulated, the full selection committee of senior reviewers meets to determine acceptance or rejection of each paper. In cases where the reviews do not clearly indicate either acceptance or rejection, additional committee members may read the paper.
All papers submitted to SIGGRAPH 2000 must be original, unpublished work. Any paper that has been previously published in substantially similar form by any other conference or in any other journal will be automatically rejected, as will papers that are simultaneously submitted to SIGGRAPH 2000 and to any other conference or journal.
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